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[Trlog] Exchange Radios...

Subject: [Trlog] Exchange Radios...
From: k4ro at (K4RO Kirk Pickering)
Date: Mon May 26 13:03:34 2003

It was I who reported EXCHANGERADIOS not working
in mixed mode.  I was referring to the latest Beta
version, but the symptom is also present with 6.72.
You are right, I added the lines for CQ SSB and EX SSB
memories, and EXCHANGESRADIOS now works in mixed mode.
I used 6.72 in WPX (as WR3O) and it worked very well.

-Kirk  K4RO

On Thu, May 22, 2003 at 11:00:15PM -0400, Ronald Rossi wrote:
> Someone not too long ago mentioned that the Exchange Radios command was
> not working for them using mixed modes. I cannot find the email to
> figure out who it was, nor do I remember exactly when it was sent. I
> have been VERY low visibility the past couple months. Anyway it just
> struck me what was probably going on. I bet the command had been
> programmed to CQ MEMORY Fx (or CQ CW MEMORY Fx) but not to CQ SSB MEMORY
> Fx! TRLog only sets the CW command and not both CW and SSB when the mode
> is not specified. That is MIGHT be something to change. Also don't
> forget to set the EX MEMORY as well so the command will work when S&P as
> well.
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