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Omni Six Synthesizer Frequency Jump

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Subject: Omni Six Synthesizer Frequency Jump
From: PaulKB8N@aol.com (PaulKB8N@aol.com)
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 23:53:15 -0500

Just got a used Omni VI and really like the rig.  Have had a potentially
disturbing situation lately, however.  The VFO has, on random occasions,
jumped to an indication of 91 MHz!  This has only occurred on 40M in the B
VFO setting, but I suspect it may happen on the other bands as well.  I can
manually enter a frequency (such as 7.000 MHz, and it quickly returns to that
frequency.  It has happened three times, at various stages of warm-up (I. E.
between 15mins and 2 hrs of turn-on).  Any thoughts?

Paul, KB8N

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