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Solid State HF amp kits?

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Subject: Solid State HF amp kits?
From: winjones@ix.netcom.com (Winston F. Jones)
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 04:45:57 -0800
There was some discussion on the Ten-Tec Reflector a few weeks back 
about the desire for Ten-Tec to produce a high-power HF linear amp kit. 
The idea was sort of shot down because of the concern that kitbuilders 
might endanger themselves with the high voltage power to the tubes and 
file lawsuits.

Why couldn't Ten-Tec offer a solid-state, high power HF linear in kit 
form? How about something similar to the Hercules, offering about 500 
watts out? The kit builder would only be exposed to 13.8 volts. The 
power supply could be offered separately in pre-built form.

There's already some small companies offering similar solid state HF 
amp kits. I'd like to see Ten-Tec add such an amp to its kit line.

What do the rest of you think?

Winston K4CWQ

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