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[TenTec] Dell/Gateway comparison

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Subject: [TenTec] Dell/Gateway comparison
From: steam@megsinet.net (M.Pender)
Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 10:38:33 -0500
   It appears a critical reply of mine has opened a floodgate of 
interesting comments from a lot of people. 

  Now guys are comparing Ten-Tec's direct marketing approace
to Dell and Gateway!!! I HAVE to respond to that comparison!

   Let me put this in perspective. I'm gonna start my new company
and call it Pendertech. Pendertech markets "computers". I'm gonna
sell two models. 

   First one's the Scou86. It's gonna be a laptop running an 8088
processor with no hard drive. This is a portable unit you can take
anywhere. It'll do all your basic word processing, database, and 
other tasks. You'll have to carry a bag for your program and data 
discs though, sorry. (maybe keep it hung from your rear-view

   The second one's the Omn86. It's gonna be a desktop unit
running a 386 processor. It's got a hard disk, video memory 
upgrade, and a fast modem upgrade. It will run your applications
and games well and have pretty ok graphics to boot. 

   How many computers do you think Pendertech is gonna sell.
Yeay, that's what I think too. 

    Dell/Gateway sell technology that is 8 seconds old and makes 
your system custom according to your needs. It is also accepted 
that five years from now, the technology you buy there will be 
worthless junk that you can't give away. 

   There is no comparison here. 


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