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[TenTec] Looking for some sound advice...

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Subject: [TenTec] Looking for some sound advice...
From: k7kj@teleport.com (Greg Hodsdon)
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 23:38:29 -0700
Robert:I use both LOGic5 and TRLog...neither of which is free.? I find
the Omni 6+ very straight forward to interface to the computer. Any
software that supports the Icom 735 command set should work for the Omni
6+. You might try this sight for some freeware. I haven't tried the
software but it might help you out.? http://www.qsl.net/k5yef/
73 de Greg, K7KJ
Portland, OR

> I am just beginning to play with the computer interface on the back of the?
> Omni VI+... Can anyone point me to a good program for working with the port?
> from W95/98 ? I just want to make sure it is working as I am thinking of?
> creating a program of my own for it.. Any suggestions???

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