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[TenTec] Looking for some sound advice...

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Subject: [TenTec] Looking for some sound advice...
From: patents@dx0man.prestel.co.uk (John - G3JAG)
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 1999 10:33:09 +0100 (BST)
I believe I have a program - somewhere. It came off a shareware
floppy I picked up at a computerfest. It gives an on-screen display
like the Omni-V front panel. I tried it and it works, but it
was not very user-friendly, at least to me. If I remember correctly, you
cannot use the rig control buttons; you must use the program, or it
crashes out. There is no obvious way to interface it to a logbook. 

Naybe the fact that the Omni-V type of interface is not just difficult,
but also obsolete, means that no-one has any real motivation to
support it any more. Its more trouble than its worth ... it would have
to be a labour of love.

BTW, the manual and the original promotional literature/spec sheets,
etc. for the OMNi-V  stated that the RS232 port was included. I
certainly bought mine on that basis. I think the port was an add-on
option only for the Paragon. The Omni-VI has a much more conventional
port ..
73 John G3JAG  

On 01-Oct-99 Joe L Blackwell wrote:
> Seems it was on this reflector; a feller had written a program to
> simply allow a user to enter commands & his program would
> send same to the Omni.  Sounded like a good tool for one who
> was going to write an interface.  Can't remember details, tho.
> 73, Joe AA4NN

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Date: 01-Oct-99
Time: 19:01:58

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