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[TenTec] Argosy arrived, now I need accessories

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Subject: [TenTec] Argosy arrived, now I need accessories
From: N4NT@wireco.net (Michael O. Hyder)
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 10:15:27 -0400
Hi Caitlyn--

Hope you are getting the model 220 8-pole SSB filter to REPLACE the stock
4-pole, if it hasn't already been replaced.  If you do replace that filter,
know that Ten-Tec recommends resetting the carrier oscillator trimmers.  It
is an easy job if you have access to a frequency counter.

The audio CW filter is available as a kit under license from Ten-Tec (I'm
told) and sold by Embedded Research for $40.  Here is the URL to their home

Here is the URL of their AF-224 filter kit:

The noise blankers for the Argosy have never done much for me -- don't get
too worked-up about finding one.  The calibrator is really nifty, though.
Hope you can find one.  Personally, I find that I have more fun and more
QSO's with an analog rig.  With a digital one, I tend to stay below a
certain frequency.  With an analog rig, I tend to tune around more and find
interesting folks to talk with.  But there are folks who sell pre-scaling
counter displays that take the internal frequencies of the rig and display
the frequency down to as close as you want it.  They are small and cheap.
The Ten-Tec frequency display unit that matched the analog Triton or old
Omni rigs would also work, as the internal frequencies of the Argosy are the
same.  There is a display maker on the web, too.  Here is the URL:

One accessory you left off your list is the amplifier switching board model
1126.  It has a little relay and is used to switch a non-QSK amplifier.  It
provides an adjustable drop-out delay, just like the big rigs.

There was some talk recently about being able to obtain those magnetic
circuit breakers from marine stores.  The talk was about the 20 amp unit,
but I'm sure the 10 amp unit is available, too.  But note that when using
the 225 supply, current limiting is built into the supply.  If you exceed
it, the rig will just shut down almost instantaneously and wait for you to
power it down and back up.  Unless you intend to use the rig from some other
supply, you will not need the breaker.

Good luck in your search.  It will be time well spent!

Mike N4NT@wireco.net
Johnson City, Tennessee

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From: Caitlyn Martin <caitlyn@netferrets.net>
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Sent: Friday, October 15, 1999 1:45 AM
Subject: [TenTec] Argosy arrived, now I need accessories

> Hi, everyone,
> Well, my Argosy 525 station arrived, and the rig is absolutely mint, as in
> not a scratch on it.  The 225 power supply and 645 keyer are just as nice,
> and everything seems to work well.  The bad news...  the Argosy is
> absolutely stock.  Not a single option has been added.  I'll order the
> filters directly from Ten Tec, but here is the list of out of production
> items I am now looking for:
> 215P or 215PC microphone
> 226 calibrator
> 224 CW audio filter
> 223 noise blanker (not the later 223A)
> 1125 circuit breaker (for mobile/portable use)
> Considering how perfect the rig is, I am definitely going to keep it.
> However, the overwhelming response to my post about the Argosy vs. the 580
> Delta told me that the Delta is the better rig.  I am going to be getting
> that as well, and I'll see if I agree.  The thing is, I really like the
> Argosy.  We'll see...
> 73,
> Caity

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