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Subject: [TenTec] RE: [dx-list] One Day to Extra Class
From: dhb@rational.com (Bernstein, Dave)
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 09:57:23 -0400
As long as we're playing "holier than thou", lets be sure to update the
technology palette. No more Extras that can't implement a PSK demodulator in
StrongARM assembly language, can't design a microprocessor suitable for
embedded control of a multiband transceiver, or can't configure a home
network without help from their kids.


       Dave, AA6YQ

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Subject: Re: [dx-list] One Day to Extra Class

I've run into many new extra class operators who ask: "How do I
calculate the length of a dipole?" or; "My tuner gets rid of the SWR in
my antenna!". [Q&A Extras]

I also teach classes. 8 2 hour sessions over two months with homework
for a Technician License. I do NOT teach Q&A. I believe the Q&A style
teaching is a fraud!!

Maybe we should petition ARRL to request a minimum time in class before
an upgrade is possible. Example 1 year as Tech before a person can
upgrade to General: and, 2 years as General before a person can upgrade
to Extra. This would create the prospects of 'some' experience in radio
art for the senior class.

I hold an Engineering degree, BSEE + many MSEE credits, and took my
Extra when I retired.

Deacon Dave, W1MCE for almost 50 years of ham radio.

Jim Reid wrote:
> I am shocked at the following report from the ARRL!
> I  am sending this to a fairly wide distribution with this
> question:  is this where Amateur Radio really wants
> to be going?  Or do you think the following is just
> great and wonderful??
> >From today's ARRL Letter:
> "New York's Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club--LIMARC
> --reports its first "one-day Extra" licensing upgrade class was
> such a success that it's scheduled additional sessions for later
> this spring. LIMARC recently attracted two dozen students to its
> first Extra class license study short course, and nearly all who
> attended walked away with their Extra tickets.
> "....the session involves seven hours of
> intensive study. Five instructors taught the nine Extra examination
> subelements, which include FCC rules, operating procedures, radio
> propagation, Amateur Radio practices, electrical principles, circuit
> components, practical circuits and antennas and feedlines.
> When the session ended, 20 of the 24 applicants had passed
> Element 4. "
> All in  a "one-day"  short course.
> Wow,  I am impressed.  Took me an entire semester in engineering
> school to learn how to solve all those impedance,  complex
> plane,  R+/- jX problems.  And 20 of these guys learned how
> to do those,  along with all that other stuff,  and STILL the same
> day took and passed the Extra license exam????
> Maybe what  those five instructors "taught" was the answers
> to the questions on the test to be given that day???  At least
> one enquiring mind would like to know!  I believe what is
> being reported is not possible and still be legitimate,  unless
> those 20 guys had way above genius IQ's.  Or maybe,  they
> all have "perfect recall" memories.
> Guess I was a real slow learning;  I was years getting the education,
> experience and UNDERSTANDING under my belt before I went
> for the Extra.  Oh yes,  also had to pass the 20 wpm CW test
> that same day,  but that isn't needed anymore.  Maybe it was
> getting to 20 wpm CW that took me all that time,  no,  don't
> think so.  Just took me awhile to learn/understand what the
> meaning of the stuff on the Extra Class license was all about.
> Yes,  what does the Extra Class license mean anymore??
> Just a bit disappointed,
> 73,  Jim KH7M
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