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[TenTec] Corsair II f.p. meter continued + other fixes

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Subject: [TenTec] Corsair II f.p. meter continued + other fixes
From: k5uj@hotmail.com (Rob Atkinson, K5UJ)
Date: Wed Jul 2 12:15:38 2003
I lifted the top cover on my CII and eyeballed the meter area (always do the 
easy stuff first).  There's a small pc board mounted on the back of the 
meter switch to make it easy to plug wiring pairs into the switch.  A copper 
foil run on this had lifted off and opened.  I'm guessing it came off and 
got too close to another contact point.  when I moved the wafer switch over 
to Ic there was an arc that tripped the p.s. and opened the run.  I have to 
take out the switch and put in a small copper phone wire from a twisted pair 
to complete the open circuit.  the switch removal doesn't look like much 

While I have it out, I'm going to extend the speaker lead so the bottom 
cover can be removed in the future without having to unsolder the speaker.

My CII also has the dreaded random dead rx due to (I assume) dirty TR relay 
contacts.  I'll clean those (I hope it's easy to get to).

The PTO still has a warble on cw, even though TT rebuilt it last winter.  
I'm going to take out the PTO, remove the (in)famous red gunk and try 
lubricating it with teflon cream normally used on guns.  This was a friend's 
idea and is supposed to be real slick stuff.  I'll let everyone know how it 
works out.

any comments?

Rob Atkinson

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