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Re: [TenTec] Using Ameco PT-3 with Jupiter

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Using Ameco PT-3 with Jupiter
From: "Ben K8DIT" <benk8dit@serv.net>
Reply-to: tentec@contesting.com
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 13:42:24 -0700
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My guess here is that you dont use the DSP on SSB to dig out weak sigs. Its
not made for that.
The PT 3 is here being used to amplify signal and noise, which if Im not
mistaken you can do by adding an amplifier to the audio output. In other
words get a better antenna. In other words get a beam. In other words dont
blame your DSP. The DSP on CW actually lifts a weak sig an pops it out of
the noise. On SSB it can only work on what signal is there. Varying the
bandwidth and the bandpass will buy you more readability with a weak SSB
sig. If the SSB sig is there and strong enough to be heard, it will be heard
better thru the DSP than w/o it, if it removes noise.
I use a Am Com DSP speaker with my Scout mobile. Its not IF DSP like the
Jup. but audio DSP. If you flip the switch back and forth the illusion is
that you get signal loss. Its an illusion created by the DSP filtering out
the noise.
DSP is a relatively new tool. So experience using it and enjoy it for what
it does but dont blame it for what you wish it would do, which is easy to do
considering its complicated stuff.

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