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Subject: [TenTec] My friend Sinatra...
From: "Eric SENSI" <eric.sensi@skynet.be>
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Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 22:09:51 +0100
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Today was a bad day for my ego...

I spend 4 hours today on my grounding, antennas and feedline... I've swapped
the G5RV for the SAGANT MT-240X multi-dipole.

In the afternoon, I compared IC-756PROII with the Orion, same working
conditions, exactly. Just swap the radios.

Icom 756ProII LCD screen = 1 (well layed out, colorful, bright, modern...)
TT Orion LCD screen = 0 (B/w, old, just useful)

Icom 756ProII bandscope = 1 (fast, useful, with markers and attenuator,
works fine on each bands)
TT Orion LCD sweep = 0 (to slooooooow, unusable, did not work on 40m because
of just one European BC station on 7105KHz)

Icom 756ProII digital voice memory = 1 (works fine, could be saved, long
recording time, playback function)
TT Orion LCD digital voice memory = 0 (too short, slow saving time, no
record of received signals, crash the main receiver)

Icom 756ProII in my shack = 1 (no problems at all with RFI) on each bands
and each antennas !
TT Orion in my shack = 0 (could not work on 20m, 15m and 80m on another long
wire antenna) RF into the modulation/microphone (706 mike with SP at 1, gain
at 65, 100 W of RF power)

"When I was 37, it was a very good year" says Frank Sinatra...

I've changed the lyrics : "When I was 37, it was a very bad day today".


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