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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Paragon memories
From: "Vic Klein" <vhklein@ptd.net>
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Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 16:23:17 -0500
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Hey, Jim! Congrats on the new Paragon. I also have a 585 model and
absolutely LOVE it. Look around for the Giehl chip as it adds some nifty
functionality to the original Paragon, making operating it almost identical
to a Paragon II. Mine gets left off for a week when I travel, and has held
memories fine. I did have a quick drain situation when I added a voice
board, but it turs out there was a mod to fix that board which I did and I'm
not currently having any rundown battery problems.

The original versions used a standard alkaline 9v battery which lasted a
while, but an improvement was then made to use a rechargeable battery. Make
sure you have that mod, if from the factory there will be a sticker inside
warning you not to use only a rechargeable battery. You can also just leave
the power supply running, of course.


> Greetings all..
>   Im sure this is a topic that has been covered before on the list, but
being a
> newcomer to the group, I would like to ask.. I have recently bought a nice
> "late model" Paragon 1, (ver. 4.0),with the 3 optional filters, and think
it is
> just about the greatest CW rig ever made... a real joy to operate..
>    The only real problem I have had is that the memories were lost after
> about 4 days of not using the rig.. I replaced the 9v. NiMh. batt, and ran
> radio for several days to be sure the batt. would charge up.. If I were
not to
> use the rig for 2 days or so, the memories would still be retained.. but
> about 4 days of inactivity they were lost.. Is this a normal circumstance
> the Paragon?
>    I have no optional boards in the radio except for the filters..
> 73.. Jim K2NP

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