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Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 20:38:14 -0500
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Six meters is open - better to go work something there!

        73, Duane

Duane Calvin, AC5AA
Austin, Texas

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that was well stated Larry.

I would just like to see an improved update for my Orion II. Scott, you and
your position with this reflector confuses me. You once told me you pay no
attention to this reflector because of all the whining. Yes, those were your
words to me on the phone 2.5 years ago. Tentecer's at Dayton fed the
reflector with your comments of " expect nothing" for the Orion. However,
one of the dev folk in your company was rather uplifting and optimistic. Do
you guys talk because your feedback to most seems rather doomsdayish whereas
feedback from anyone else in your company (oops...your just the marketing
guy so I guess it isn't your company is it?) is pleasing? Do you guys have a
bottom line? Do you feel that TenTec delivered its promised product and is
now done?

Flame away for those of you who are happy with what tentec has or has not

A very bitter from bullshit marketing customer
Doug / K0ZU

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 2:31 PM, W1GOR <W1GOR@maine.rr.com> wrote:

> Paul, There IS a solution to the scenario that you present... Keep a copy
> of
> each and every firmware upgrade and decide which version that you
> download... Upgrade your radio with the version that gives you the
> 'personality' that works best for you, and simply ignore the other
> versions.
> I've got a Jupiter that does NOT have the latest and greatest version of
> the
> firmware installed.  I agree with your not wanting to turn on a
> radio every few weeks... although, in the case of the Jupiter, the most
> recent 'scuttlebutt' sounds like an upgrade that I'd be willing to try.
> btw, the 'community' is made up of equipment users who are the best
> of positive and negative feedback for the manufacturer.  It's doubtful
> many of the 'firmware-derived' radios would have evolved as quickly as
> have, without the 'design-by-community' approach.  There ARE a final
> arbiters at TenTec, Elecraft, and other companies... and they are called
> management... and only management can assess the value of each suggestion,
> whether that suggestion originates within the company or it's clientele.
>  No
> manufacturer is in business for altruistic reasons... Altruism has it's
> place in society, but NOT in the business of making MONEY...
> vy 73, Larry - W1GOR
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> From: <PaulKB8N@aol.com>
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> Sent: Friday, May 30, 2008 12:52 PM
> Subject: [TenTec] Information
> >I think there is a real danger in "design by community".  There has to
> >a
> > moderator and one final arbiter to decide if the proposed change to
> > hardware
> > or software meets the strategic intent of the design.
> >
> > I think the K3 is evolving, but it is not yet a good contest radio,
>  IMHO.
> > It is better for running than it is for S&P, again, IMHO.  It is,
> however,
> > a
> > great DX radio.  It remains to be seen how the final  product will
> evolve.
> > All
> > I can say is, I don't want to load the new  software every two weeks and
> > have
> > a different radio every time I turn it  on.
> >
> > The problem and the inherent design crisis that occurs with SDRs is that
> > there are a finite number of controls that can be infinitely programmed
> > and
> > reprogrammed.  Adding a new feature may oftren impact another.   For
> > example, who
> > decides if a feature for digital modes trumps CW or SSB  features.
> > Everybody
> > wants something.  And, of course, everybody  wants their special feature
> > on
> > the top layer of the menu.
> >
> > Then there's the issue of software revisions.  For logging, I use a
> > old
> > version of TRLog, simply because it has the features I need and is not
> > overloaded with features and selections that might confuse me.  So it is
> > with
> > Orion I software, apparently.  I've seen many posts from folks who
> > reloaded an
> > older version, because they didn't like the "improvements" in a  newer
> > revision.
> >
> > When you open the redesign and re-engineering of a radio to the user
> > community, you run the risk of making changes that may benefit a few but
> > satisfy
> > neither the larger community nor the greater design  goals for the
> >
> > Sometimes allowing something for anybody ends up as nothing for
> > everybody.
> >
> > Paul, K5AF
> >
> >
> >>Orion II but I also have a K2/100 and a new K-3.  The K-3 is  still in
> the
> >>shakedown mode.  New features and modified features are  being regularly
> >>added with new firmware offered every two weeks or  so.  Many of the
> >>suggestions have found their way into firmware  mods in very short
> >>Frankly, I have yet to encounter a situation  where Elecraft has stated
> >>that
> >>a new feature or improvement is "on the  list" and has not ultimately
> been
> >>incorporated.  Obviously, some  features must be higher on the priority
> >>list
> >>than others because they may  significantly impact operation of the
> >>and
> >>need to be corrected  first.  I have also noted incidents where a
> >>suggested
> >>feature has  been rejected because it was impractical. I hate to be
> >>critical
> >>but I  think your reply implied that Elecraft was being disingenuous.
> >>really don't believe that's the case.
> >
> >>By the way, is any  firmware update for the Orion II in sight?  I think
> >>the
> >>noise  reduction still needs some work.
> >
> >>Bruce-W8FU
> >
> >>yqj: Referring  to Elecraft here as being smart, they
> >>will state in public that your idea  has value - "it's
> >>on the list", whether or not it's an actual  priority.
> >
> >>I'm not sure I understand how that would have benefited  Ten-Tec if we
> had
> >>done the same thing.  You're saying  that
> >>acknowledging a request publicly and then not acting on it because  it's
> >>not
> >>a priority is smart customer service?
> >
> >>When we've done  that in the past vis a vis the Orion and other radios
> >>we've
> >>later  regretted it.
> >
> >>73
> >>Scott  Robbins
> >>W4PA
> >
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