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Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 22:30:36 EDT
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You are very correct... In fact there is a lot of things you can do to 
optimize even a 45 year old Collins S line when you operate it. Little things 
knowing where to set the RF gain, and using the notch exactly right to get kind 
of a low/hi/cut effect (even though it is really for notching CW signals or 
carriers. Also the S3 line has a variable VFO and you can use it like a 
passband tuning of sorts.

Of course what you can do on any radio is limited by it's capabilities too.

I am still learning a lot about how to use the OII, but it offers a lot of 

If you just want to turn it on, leave everything at default and tune... there 
are better options for a lot less $.
Actually in A-B testing with real life DX signals the highly modified 
Sherwood Drake R-4C I have can hear just about anything the OII can...of course 
doesn't have all the buttons, bells, horns, neat display or conveniences.


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