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Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 16:51:31 EDT
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Not so fast... Yes good operational procudures, timing and experience is 
citical...  And it is probably overall the most important thing...Along with a 
great antenna. But all radios are not the same.

Just the other day I was tryuing to work a DX station. Had the Collins on. 
Heard him, but coul not copy him. He was pretty weak 4-4 maybe in the clear.. 
BUT he was not in the clear. Someone was 2 Khz away and very strong.

I turned on the OII, did some work with AGC, bandwidth and High cut.
BINGO, clear copy. I worked him.

If I would have waited a few minutes, IF he didn't QRT and IF the  loud guy 
went away....I would have gotten him on the Collins...

Has happened several times for me. So in tough conditions the radio does 

I do have to admit it's kind of cool to work the tuff ones with the Collins 
etc...takes patience and sometimes you get um, sometimes ya don't. And it 
sounds so nice!


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