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Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 12:12:20 -0400
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Hi John,  You've made my point..!  All of the guys in that tour are great, 
in their own way... It's a team effort, not a competition.  Ham radio is a 
wonderful example of team efforts, especially in multi-multi contest 
operations.  Ham equipment comparisons are directly comparable to the Ford 
vs Chevy vs Mopar issues.  When we go to the clothing store, we chose a 
garment for it's style, fit, and finish, as well as price.  We also go to 
HRO, and other ham radio dealers with the very same requirements... Some 
like to look and feel of Icom, or Yeasu, or TenTec, or Elecraft, or Kenwood, 
and others are partial to the older boatanchors, for their sheer elegance, 
like Collins, Hallicrafters, National, and the newer boatanchors like Drake. 
When it come to antennas, there are as many choices as there are stars in 
the universe.  There's the old Vertical vs Horizontal preference, 
single-band vs multi-band, and the preference of one antenna manufacturer 
over the others.  Recently I've read an endless series of posts about 
grounding methods that approach religious zeal... Every poster claims that 
THEIR method is THE BEST...notwithstanding the national and local building 

So, it ALL boils down to one, and only one issue... CHOICE..!   Whether it's 
clothing styles (mine is Western Style), or automobiles (mine is Honda), or 
Ham Radio gear (I own Hammarlund, Johnson, Gonset, TenTec, Icom, Butternut, 
DX Engineering, ICE, Hustler, Larsen, and a long list of test equipment 
makers).  It's said that "YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY"... but it should be "Your 
mileage WILL vary"... There are millions of hams, worldwide... and no two 
ham shacks are exactly alike.

vy 73, de Larry - W1GOR

The Titanic was built by professionals... Noah's Ark was built by 
amateurs... need I say more..? <big grin>

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