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Re: [TenTec] Orion Noiseblanker - OFF:H is not really OFF

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Orion Noiseblanker - OFF:H is not really OFF
From: "Robb Urie" <rurie@mywdo.com>
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Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2008 18:44:05 -0700
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When the front panel reads "Off:H", it means that the DSP NB is "OFF" but 
the Hardware
blanker is still active.  If you press and hold the NB button for several 
seconds, both the OFF and
the H will change to "Off".  If you momentarily cycle the NB button, a 
number will appear indicating the
level of DSP NB that is active (use MULTI Knob to set level).

Hope this clarifies the NB issue.

Robb  NØRU
Woodland Park, CO.

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From: "Leonard J. Umina" <len@brasspounders.com>
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Sent: Monday, November 03, 2008 9:05 AM
Subject: [TenTec] Orion Noiseblanker - OFF:H is not really OFF

>                    IT IS NOT REALLY OUT OF THE CIRCUIT.
> I made a remarkable discovery during SS this last weekend.
> The noiseblanker in my Orion causes tremendous distortion, even when the
> front panel is OFF during times when the band is full of strong signals.
> How strong?  Well I live at the repeater site, and my antennas are
> therefore at almost 1200 feet above
> Sacramento Valley.   This makes up for my lack of skill as an operator,
> but it also gives me line of site to
> a number of KW stations, especially during SS.  Typically I run 12-18 db
> of attenuation on the RX and a
> number of the California contest stations still run 30 over 9 here.
> During the contest the band seems alive with crud.  Since I got my Orion
> about 3 years ago, I assumed
> this crud was just bad transmitters being over driven in the excitement
> of the contest etc.
> As it happened I normally use the hardware noiseblanker here because it
> works very well on the nearby
> electric fence, but I leave it off when the fence is not an issue.  The
> front panel usually reads off:H
> This is key, because apparently the noiseblanker isn't really biased off
> when this is displayed.
> I've relegated my 756 MK II as a bandscope to visually monitor band
> openings.  It works well for this
> and I usually dont ever listen to the radio.
> During SS the distortion was really killing me.  Some of the
> transmitters seemed so darn dirty, but it was
> impossible for me to figure out exactly which one was causing the
> problem though at times I could make out
> the SS sent fast by a number of operators.
> At one point I was taking a break and having some dinner, so I shut the
> Orion down to let it cool off (more on my next posting on that subject)
> and I decided to see how the 756 handled all the crud I was hearing on
> the band.  I turned up the audio.  Suddenly I was shocked.  I put the
> foodbag down.  There was no crud on the 756!
> I turned the Orion back on and started looking at the RX menu, figuring
> one of my super settings for the AGC must be causing a problem.  (The
> noiseblanker on the front panel read off:H).  By accident, I disabled the
> hadware noiseblanker on the RX Menu.  Suddenly the Orion's audio
> changed.  I was a bit surprised by this
> since it was supposedly OFF:H on the front panel.  In the next 30
> seconds I realized that the change was
> due to the crud going away!
> Suddenly the band was totally clear, and I mean clean.  It was like a 
> dream.
> Suddenly I could run my 250 Hz roofing filter and hear QRP SS Stations
> clearly.  WOW is all I can say.
> I don't think there is anything wrong specifically with my Orion.  I
> have not looked at the circuit they use for the noiseblanker, but I
> suspect the front panel control signals generated by the CPU do not bias
> the circuit off properly, and if  you have a new in band strong signals
> the distortion is incredible.  Since the noiseblanker appears to be
> connected before the RF Gain control (just from observation) backing
> down the RF Gain never
> helped during contests, the crud was still there.
> In past contests, by accident, I probably had the HW Noiseblanker off
> sometimes by accident, accounting for
> some of my best Orion experiences.  Now it will be off permanently until
> it gets fixed.
> Sorry for the long story, but if you have any RX trouble with your
> Orion, go the to Menus/RX and disable the
> hardware noiseblanker there.   Even money the problem goes away - not
> just on CW.
> 73,
> Len
> WT6G
> (Clean Sweep, 89,600 score Nov 2008 ARRL SS)
> [Imagine what a good operator up here could do]
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