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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 09:16:00 -0600
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I absolutely agree with you.  Since moving up to the Flex Radio 5000A, my
Orion II has taken second place in usage.  Like Elecraft the owners of the
Flex Radio reflector are not only providing continuous answers to inquiries
but also ongoing updates to firmware and the Flex Radio operating system.
It just keeps getting better.  I realize that TT's focus may not be ham
radio oriented. However if they (TT) are going to sell to the ham community
they (TT) should step up to keeping their (albeit minimal) update schedules
and not pass off with excuse, ongoing schedule slips.  Now, don't
misunderstand.  My Orion II is a fine radio and I've had a couple years of
enjoyable use from it.  Would I purchase another TenTec product?  No way!!
I'm guessing that if TT doesn't step up to what's going on in the area of
software developed radios, they (TT) will be out of providing amateur radio
sales business within the next couple of years.


Kirk, K6KAR
Niceville, FL 

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Having just read the post regarding the OMNI VII display board, it reminds
me of my disappointment with TT.  I am a fan of their gear and own or have
owned the Orion, Orion II, Omni VII,  and 238A, etc

They continue to miss published time windows on various upgrades, hardware
and firmware.  Yes, I know there are priorities to deal with, but facts are
facts.  It is discouraging to see Elecraft make improvements on such a
timely basis, offer betas to their customers, and solicit customer input
(and act on it).  

It's also interesting to see the very frequent dialogue by the owners on the
Elecraft reflector.  I see very little input from TT here, except for their
monthly used/demo equipment listing.  Something has changed there, and I'm
sorry to see it.

73 John K4NP

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