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From: "Bob Good" <k4bg@planters.net>
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Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 09:58:29 -0400
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I hope some may enjoy this.  I taught myself Morse from the Boy Scout 
Handbook with no assistance, built my straight key with parts from an 
erector set with a checker for a knob.  I experimented and found how to make 
my Knight Superhomer oscillate with the key.  Then I started copying the 
code from borrowed 78 rpm records.  I became KN4VHC May 1 '58.  On the air I 
used a Navy type hand key for 3 months and graduated to a borrowed E.F. 
Johnson bug until I purchased my Vibroplex Deluxe Original Feb '59 after 
passing my General.  I don't ever remember  writing anything other that log 
info during a QSO.  Years passed and in about '80 I started playing with 
electronic keyers, temporarily modified the bug for use as a single paddle. 
Perhaps three years later I purchased a Vibroplex Deluxe Iambic paddle and 
started learning to send Iambic method.  That took a bit of learning and 
Unlearning !  I use mode "B" only.  Don't ask me how come!  Iambic letters 
are "C F K L Q R Y".  I believe many hams purchase dual paddles and never 
learn to use the Iambic functions.  For me, it meant a huge difference in 
comfort and speed.  I don't think I am proficient enough to justify the 
elite group of magnetic type keys.  Accuracy, rhythm and Morse go hand in 
hand and can make beautiful music.  As for my old bug, it sits here 
patiently awaiting joining me in my coffin someday.  "73" to all CW Ops.... 
Bob K4BG


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