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TopBand: TO0R on 160 -Reply

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Subject: TopBand: TO0R on 160 -Reply
From: (Long, Scott A.)
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 11:59:02 -0500
And this mesage just took up more band width, let the administrators
judge the messages.  I don't messages unless they will educate others to
what is going on.

Scott K8SM

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>Subject:       Re: TopBand: TO0R on 160 -Reply
>Congrats to all the stations who worked TO0R on 160 (I did too, so
>don't take this as sour grapes), but the multitude of messages on the
>Reflector which do little more than say, in effect, "Wow, I worked
>the DX station" just waste bandwidth. The first few messages might
>help others judge when the station is QRV, or when there is
>propagation to a particular area, etc., but after a while the
>messages serve no purpose other than to satisfy individual ego needs.
>The same problem is obvious on the dx clusters on packet, where it
>becomes apparent by the tenth dx spot in 20 minutes that a dx station
>is "QSX on 1833" that the only purpose of the spot is let the world
>know that the spotting station worked the dx too.
>I'm not trying to create controversy -- this is just a mild call for
>Jim Simon
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