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Subject: TopBand: JA QSX FREQ.
From: (JA3AAW)
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 18:00:00 +0900
   Hi Josep EA6ACC,  I read a couple of your e-mails on the reflector. 

   At least 50 JAs are watching 160M or monitoring the Packect-Cluster 
every morning during the season (Nov-Feb),  but only few JAs are calling 
"CQ DX QSX 1820s" for EU, AF and Middle East.   Very few times QSX 1830s. 

   JA Loran pulse signals cause bad QRM on 1,850 +/- 20kHz to JA land. 
Then, lower than 1,830kHz is better for JA. 
   We know, EA and some other countries' "Upper than 1830" limitation. 
   Of course, we watch on 1830s, so MAKE a calling "CQ JA" on 1830s, when 
the band is opening.   EA3JE brings often 579-599 big signals on 1831-33 
into JA in the season. 

   Most JAs running 1KW full power.  JAs BIG-GUN stns have mainly "Shunt 
fed tower drive ANT" with good ground earth/radials.  Or sloper/inverted L 
antennas upper than 30mtrs from the ground. 
   But mine is an inverted Vee dipole 24m high.  ;-( 

   Sorry to waste bandwidth.        Let's get VK0IR together ! 

FB DX and 73,              de  Yosi- JA3AAW 
               [ PSE look for JA window 1907.5 - 1912.5kHz ]

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