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TopBand: JU1HA - DXpedition announcement

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Subject: TopBand: JU1HA - DXpedition announcement
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Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 15:28:54 +0200
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Dear Reflectees,

A Hungarian group of DXpeditioners, members of the Hungarian Pannon DX Club
will operate from  Ulan-bator, Mongolia in May 1998 using JU1HA callsign.
The team includes HA0HW, HA1AG, HA4GDO, HA4XG, HA6NL, HA7SK and HA7VK. It is
planned to keep 2-3 stations simultaneously on the air 24 hours a day, to
maximize band  openings. All HF bands will be activated, on SSB, CW, RTTY
and SAT.  

The DXpedition is supported by Yaesu; H.E. Mr Béla Törõcsik, Ambassador of
Hungary to Mongolia, Mr. Burt Scott N0FYR on behalf of Communication
Concepts; Mr. Garry Shapiro NI6T, Mr. Miklos Olah HA5UX, Mr. Zoli Szoke
HA5PP, Mr. Istvan Bogyo HA0DU, the Hungarian Radioamateur Society, the
German DX Foundation, Rohde & Schwartz Budapest and the "Radiotechnika"

The DXpedition team includes experienced DX operators. The members of the
expedition already operated from Cambodia (XU0HW, XU95HA, XU7VK), Iraq
(YI9SK,YI9VK), Albania (ZA1HA), Liechenstein (HB0/HA0HW/p, HB0/HA4GDO/p,
HB0/HA6NL/p etc), ITU Geneva (4U0ITU) and numerous Greek islands including
SV5, SV8, SV9.   

The frequencies planned to be used:

160m:  1821 (JA-TXQRG), 1824.5, 1841?
80m:   3507,  3799
40m:?  7007, ?7026, 7042, 7047, 7052, 7057
30m:? 10103
20m:? 14011, 14026, 14081(RTTY), 14191, 14247
17m:? 18071, 18141
15m:? 21011, 21026, 21081(RTTY), 21291
12m:??24891, 24941
10m:? 28011, 28026, 28081(RTTY), 28491

The license we just received doesn't include 6m. We're terribly sorry.

Radios: FT1000MP, FT990s, Quadra - VL1000 (Generously donated by

RTTY equipment: PK232 modified by NI6T (Generously donated by Garry, NI6T)


- 16 ele logper Yagi @25m 6-30 MHz
- 13 ele logper Yagi @25m 10-30 MHz
- 26m (86ft) Titanex lowband vertical
- DB1217 Hy-Gain interlaced duobander for 12 and 17m (generously donated by
Mr. Burt Scott N0FYR on behalf of Communications Concepts)
- Several other GPs: 40m, 20m, 30/17/12m, 12/10m
- Several wire antennas mainly for RX purposes
- SAT antennas

The QSL manager is Laci HA0HW. His address is:

               Laszlo Szabo - HA 0 HW
               P.O.Box 24
               H-4151 Püspökladány
               Hungary, Europe

The QSL policy will be the following: The QSL requests received direct with  

adequate return postage will be answered direct. The requests received
direct but without postage or via the bureau will be answered 100% via the
Hungarian QSL Bureau.

We try our best to give out as many contacts as possible concentrating to
the most difficult areas like US East Coast, Southeast US, South America.
Although the timing of the DXpediton is not the best for Topband QSOs we
will pay attention to the sunrise and sunset openings.  

Our pilot will be Steve, HA0DU who has a separate e-mail account for this
purpose: . Any comment, hint or idea would be highly
appreciated and will be forwarded to the DXpedition team.

The DXpedition has a homepage at:

We prepared to set up a logsearch facility on our homepage but it depends on
the availability and reliability of the Internet in Mongolia. If we succeed
to have it running, we inform the DXing community via the DX-Reflector
otherwise it will be surely available right after the operation.

Since the cost of the licensing were extremely high the DXpeditioners would
gratefully accept contributions from both individuals and clubs or firms.
Contributors can contact Laci, HA0HW at .

73 and cu all on the bands from JT!

Zoli HA1AG

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