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TopBand: EU6AF

To: <>
Subject: TopBand: EU6AF
From: (Ryszard Tymkiewicz)
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 08:34:15 +0200
Hello All,
I'v got 29 requests for EU6AF and I'v sent all of them to EU1TT this
morning.I hope I haven't missed any Call,so here is a list

In the meantime I'v got a letter from EU1TT :

       >They sent already many directs to him without any answer,I suppose they
>letters were stolen.
        ...May be. I am not received aproximetly 20% direct letters to me.
Post workers is stolen...
 I am waiting you E:mail.
After receiving E:mail with details QSOs I will write letter to
EU6AF, because he have not telephon line (Hi-Hi.In our country many people
have not telephon).
       Afther receiving QSLs from EU6AF I send you E:mail. USD is not available
- they are may will steal on post. I need 1 IRC on each six QSLs (6 QSL=1simple
 letter 20 gramme).
                            73 Gary EU1TT
It seems that most of SASE sent there/especially with $$/ were stolen.
Well,I'm helping EU1TT to get YI9CW and HF0POL QSLs,so I hope he will help
All of you too HI. Now we have to wait.

                         73 Rys SP5EWY

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