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TopBand: VP8CRB on 160

To: <>
Subject: TopBand: VP8CRB on 160
From: (Takeshi Yoshida)
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 12:55:46 +0900
At 07:50 99/01/06 -0500, you wrote:
> I just spoke with VP8CRB and he says he and Mario are putting a full-wave
> loop vertically polarized between the two tall towers on Friday. He intends
> to operate all nite on 160 Friday and /or Saturday so if you need him be
> alert those two nights..So far he has just worked 8 NA stations.  Good Luck
> Bob W4DR

   Hello top-banders, 

   We almost give up to get him, because perhaps the 160m-propagation 
doesn't meet between JA and Falkland. 

   Tokyo:    sun-rise 21:51  sun-set 07:46z 
   Falkland:          07:49          00:09z 

   What do think about ? 

   I needed him as my one of last 3 zones, however. 

Good luck to those who are looking for him.

   What QRG will ZL9CI be on ? 

73,   de Yosi JA3AAW

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