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TopBand: 5H3US

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Subject: TopBand: 5H3US
From: (james danehy)
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 18:40:41 -0500
Dave Heil wrote:
> Too bad Ryzchard SP5EWY wasn't around at that time.  He has been
> clamoring for a top band QSO.  I'm going to try it again this evening
> between abt 1900-2030z for the EU gang but will listen for the JAs a bit
> too.  My noise is dreadful at times and I'm thinking of visiting the R&L
> web site this evening and purchasing one of those MFJ phasing type noise
> cancelling devices.
> Work is hectic.  I've got two cabling teams on the ground now and
> another installation team arrives 1/12.  They are going to start their
> work with construction not yet completed at the new site.  The follow-up
> teams will put in our 9m satellite system, T1 mux and new LAN
> equipment.  Things should quiet down a couple of months after our move.
> 73,
> Dave
Gang, SP5CCC worked Dave who had a vy strong sigs. The latest info from



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