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TopBand: 5H3US

To: <>
Subject: TopBand: 5H3US
From: (Takeshi Yoshida)
Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 12:50:23 +0900
At 22:31 99/01/07 +0100, you wrote: 
> Hi,
> At last I'v been able to work Dave /as a 250 c/,BTW it was the forth country
> on Topband he gave me /after J5,9L,A2/.Dave told me he knows his signal is
> stronger at the evening than morning for EU /in fact usually 1-2 S stronger/
> and he will try to be for Eu
> /and JA/ between 1900 - 2030 utc.I hope MFJ which he is going to purchase
> will lower his noise level.
>                               73 GL
>                            Rys SP5EWY

   Congratulations, Rys san! 

Unfortunately, any JA didn't work with his A22, J5 and 9L past years. 

   We HOPE Dave could catch JA signals on 160m (1907.5-1912.5Khz). 

   Watched ZL9CI on 1826 between 14:19 - 15:35z who worked many JAs and 
a West-coaster, then.  Sigs:549-569 peaking 579 stronger than ZL8RI in 1996.

   T20FW on 1827.6 at 13:10 and 14:25z, S8-9 excellent signal. 

FB DX and 73,   de Yosi JA3AAW

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