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TopBand: TL5A Update

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Subject: TopBand: TL5A Update
From: (Alex)
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 1999 12:52:38 +0100
Alex TL5A finished his antenna work this weekend.
Both the topband and 80 meter antenna's have been improved and the signals
over the weekend only confirm it worked out. Saturday night the bands were
good. Sunday night QRN was terrible.
Any reports on the TL5A topband signals are welcome at

The 2400 Q's this weekend are added to the logsearch at
and on my homepage.

QSL update :
No direct QSL backlog. QSL in > Out less then one week.
TL0R QSL is hitting the mail also for some weeks now.
Buro QSL is going out a low rates, but hope to improve on that shortly.

73' Alex PA1AW

PS. This weekend on the air : PACC Contest. I will be at PI4COM on Topband.
Cu All.

Alex van Hengel, PA1AW  (New call. Ex call : PA3DMH )
QSL Manager : TL5A, TL0R, D25L, ZS6/PA3DZN, 9R1A, 9Q2L, 9X5EE
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