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TopBand: Advices

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Subject: TopBand: Advices
From: (Fidel Leon)
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 1999 10:51:35 +0100
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        Hi, greetings to all the partners on this list!

        I am seriously considering operating in the TopBand (I have been
bitten by reading the ON4UN's book!), but I have a little doubt (and I
think a big trouble)...

        I have read a lot about electric noise, perfect grounds, long
verticals, long radials. My QTH will be in the bare middle of Barcelona
city, and please don't ask about number of acres or hm^2 HI!

        I want to be realistic, and save some cash, so I'd like to know
if you have experiences running 160M in large cities (about 1 million
people, not too much industrial neighbourhood), in order to know if I have
any chances of running 160M from my QTH...

        Thanks in advance, and 73!

Fidel Leon - EA3GIP

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