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TopBand: VK9XX from UK

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Subject: TopBand: VK9XX from UK
From: (Mike Devereux - G3SED)
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 07:20:48 +0000

> So far, from Wyoming, I've heard VK9XX a lot more than VK9YY on the low bands
> (40,80,160) while the condx here have been good to JA/VK/KH6 on 160 meters
> just about every night since VK9XX/YY started, most activity around On 15 Feb,
> 73  Paul  N0AH

In the UK the opposite is true !  I worked VK9XX second call and heard him most
nights (our time) . Last night 2100Z 15th was the first time I could even detect
VK9YY - he was not anything like good enough copy for a QSO. At the same time we
had a really good opening to JA,  TL5A was peaking 5-8-9,  4S7EA was 549,  so
conditions felt really good
It's a strange band - patience and perserverance do pay in the end though  HI!

Mike G3SED

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