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Topband: HF "Intruder" Apparently Buzzes Off

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Subject: Topband: HF "Intruder" Apparently Buzzes Off
From: (Tom Frenaye)
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 11:30:05 -0400
 From the ARRL Web Extra (members-only section of the ARRL web pages)

HF "Intruder" Apparently Buzzes Off (October 14, 1999) -- The loud 125-Hz 
buzz that plagued 80 and 75-meter operators for several 
weeks reportedly has moved outside the amateur bands. 
The ARRL Monitoring System had requested FCC assistance in tracking down 
the harmful interference, which has been audible 
primarily in the US Northeast.

The full story is here for those of you who are ARRL members:

Two paragraphs from the story:

According to a reliable source who did not wish to be identified, the 
transmissions heard on 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 MHz emanated from high-power HF 
radar transmitters being operated by the Canadian military 
from Newfoundland. The operation reportedly had the 
blessing of Industry Canada--the Canadian equivalent of the FCC--and hams 
in Newfoundland also were said to have been informed.

"I am of the understanding that operation within the 80-meter band has 
terminated," the source said. The "buzz" is said to have come from two HF 
over-the-surface radar test stations in Newfoundland that have been 
conducting tests with the Canadian military. Those tests reportedly 
continue, but on other frequencies. The radars--with a bandwidth of 
approximately 20 kHz--are said to be used to detect vessels and icebergs. 
The tests reportedly are being done to determine the optimum frequency for 

(thanks to many TopBand reflector readers for their input! - K1KI)

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