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Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 21:19:25 -0700
ICE supplied some neat devices for use at XZ0A -  bandpass splitters for 
our beverages.

The bandpass splitters provide two important things-  a way to listen 
simultaneously on 3 bands from the same RX antenna with very low insertion 
loss (about 1/2 dB), and excellent band filtering.  Listening on 160, the 
splitters rejected the broadcast band sufficiently that we had to bypass 
the filters to use the broadcast band signals to check the beverages in the 
daytime.  All 3 receivers (160, 80, 40) gained from the additional 
isolation between bands -  the filters are really bandpass, not high pass.

Even if you don't need to listen simultaneously, the filtering is worth it 
- even folks who are not too close to the city can benefit from reducing 
those 60 over night time AM signals.

robin critchell WA6CDR/XZ0A

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