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Topband: Topband impossible from this QTH ?

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Subject: Topband: Topband impossible from this QTH ?
From: (Greg Chartrand)
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 05:04:39 -0800 (PST)

Impossible on 160 usually means you live under a
1,000,000 volt powerline and can't hear anything!
Obviously you have to manage your expectations, but
virtually everyone has to on 160.

My 1st. antenna to work DX was a 40' top loaded 
vertical named "the Minooka Special" by
W9UCW.  Basically a mobile antenna designed by Barry perched
on top of 30' of TV mast. With this combo I worked several
europeans, lots in the carribian, and ZL,VK from
Chicago. At this QTH in EWA, I first put up a
KLM v160 vertical- 23' of antenna mostly coil.  I clamped
it to a fence post, thru out a few radials and used
it for 2 years.  I worked several EU's and lots of
JA/Pacific stations.

I would think you coulduse a similar arrangement at
your QTH. 

1- Radials are very important.  You have several options
for reducing your ground losses.  Read the ON4UN book
over and over again.  You can spent lots of time
experimenting with them to better your signal.

2- Coil losses are significant.  An inverted T would be
a better choice but I don't think you have the room.  A
low loss coil will buy you real DB's.

3- Run the legal limit.  Small antenna, low power, a
bad combo for 160!

4- Be prepared to build a remote tuner.  My current
antenna is 55' coil loaded at the top and the 2:1 SWR
BW is 17 khz. 

You can do it with 40'.  Just don't expect to be first,
second, or third in the pileups. 

Go for it!

Greg W7MY

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