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Topband: Topband impossible from this QTH ?

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Subject: Topband: Topband impossible from this QTH ?
From: (Hammond, Rob (EU-Pencoed))
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 14:10:28 -0000
Scanning over postings since 96 I see there's been a lot of postings about
getting on topband  with space saving antennas. I have such a requirement
but to some this might seem like the impossible. 
Currently , 80 & 40 are not a problem with verticals ( loaded on 80 ) I can
just about bend as many ground radials around the garden & elsewhere without
much grief. However, I was considering taking on the challenge of Topband.
After spending a week, deep into ON4UN's book I got outside & pondered !!!
I have a 40ft High Semi-detached house with a 30ftx30ft approx ( garden )
although I shouldn't erect antennas, there's two already outside without
much problem. I can't really get much above 40ft in height. 
Does any one think there is a remote possibility of getting some kind of
antenna up for topband. I've thought of some kind of loaded inverted L or
how do Helically wound antennas measure up ??
& What about ground radials - could I load them as 66ft ones are hard enough
to conceal ( they run stealthly around neighbours fences etc !!! )



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