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Topband: Fw: CQWW 160m Contest

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Subject: Topband: Fw: CQWW 160m Contest
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Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 13:44:39 +0100
Hy Wally,

I don't think Your idea can be supported as is.
Decreasing the difference with points between intercontinental and 
continental QSOs in a band that has an elite of operators (few ones but 
good ones) is actually diseducative and doesn't produces the 
compensation of a rate increase.
Less than double point for an hard 13.000 Km Qso VS an easy 200 Km 
domestic QSO with another country can't be a serious proposal, but 
worse, it creates the awful continental boxes of contesters (walls) 
working each other, a fact that dramatically reduces the chances for an 
eciting DX traffic and chances to have fun (and give around a new 
country) for DX stations that aren't considered because not so valuable.
Counting grid squares as mults does not make the game fair at all, but 
actually goes to favour (and far too much) people in largely populated 
areas or people that's close to such crowded zones.
If you want to use grid squares then use to calculate QRB, but mults up 
to 50 MHz has to stay the DXCC countries. Eventually the DXCC is not 
enough, it could be considered to add also ITU zone as mults.

Mauri I4JMY

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