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Topband: Fw: CQWW 160m Contest

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Subject: Topband: Fw: CQWW 160m Contest
From: (Ivo PEZER, 5B4ADA)
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 20:05:38 +0200
> This will get rid of meaningless 59 LZ, more over that it is poorly
> defined and an OK for example is giving you 59 OK while the other 59 CZ
> - what to write in the log ???

I always witte what I hear, sofware on the other end takes care of it...

> ( I write what I hear, but that is no contest report at all IMHO). Having
> grids mults will mean a real contest report and evenly distributed
> multipliers all over the globe (more or less).

I agree that some exchanges may be "meaningless" but two way contact is what
we have to do. Getting the callsign and the report, whatever it is, makes
two way contact. Making it meaningness could make it more complicated and
reduce already slow rates on 160m.

> Points - 1 point for your own country, 3 points for other country in
> same continent and 5 points for country on other continent.
> Changing the multipliers will anyway make things more equal for all of
> us.

Three years ago I thought that, with the worldwide activity in all major
contests,  I will never win  SOAB CQ WW, SOAB CQ WPX and SO 160m contests.
It seems that I was wrong, at least for the last one. Every year, there was
somebody else to beat me, and to make it more complicated, the winners were
from the different continents. I haven't done any major changes on my TX/RX
setup, my score was better every year, and  it looks that propagation Gods
smiled at my QTH this year.
So, I'll just keep operating and hope that the propagation Gods will smile
at my QTH again.

Just another contester's opinion,  let's keep operating...

Ivo 5B4ADA - C4A

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