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Topband: Receiving on Directional Antenna

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Subject: Topband: Receiving on Directional Antenna
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Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 19:47:22 +0200
Recently a correspondent commented that he was receiving stations very well
during the contest but was unable to make any QSOs.

I used to suffer the same frustrations on many an occaision from 4S7.  EU
stations would be listening for JAs on directional beverage antennas and JAs
would be doing the same when listening to EU.

I was able to hear stations well since they usually transmit on
omnidirectional antennas but only listen with antennas where they expect to
get answers from!!

Possibly Steve VK6VZ was suffereing the same problem when he was trying to
work the YK9A group.

It would be useful to use some black box where you use your Tx antenna as an
alternative to the directional beverages even to the point where you could
add them and use the omni directional in the background along with your
beverages.  Alternately run a second receiver and mix the audio with stereo
headphones so that you are not just listening in one direction but checking
other azimuths at the same time in the other ear !!

R E Parkes (Aircom International)


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