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Topband: CW Speed in contest

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Subject: Topband: CW Speed in contest
From: (Tomas Hood - NW7US)
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001 22:07:38 -0800
I've often wondered at the efficiency of going 35+ wpm when a good
number of responding stations cannot copy 35+ wpm.  Does it really
save time?  The responding station probably listens a number of
time, hoping that s/he got the call correctly.  Then, attempts to
answer at about the same speed, hoping not to make a mistake...
then hopes to hear her/his callsign coming back at the 35+ wpm
speed...  So, a whole lot of time goes by.

But, if an op sends 20 wpm... then it would take less attempts to
figure out what was sent, etc.  Would that not cut down the time
spent trying to copy so fast?  So would not the CQing contesting
station actually get a higher rate?  And more accurate results?

I know that a great many ops can get between 13 and 20 wpm.  But
how many can do that keyboarded 35+ wpm?  Seems like a waste of CPU

I'm hearing a lot of signals on 160 cw for the contest.  Hope
everyone does well.

I'll just look for slower (20 wpm) code.

73 de NW7US, Tomas

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