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Topband: CW Speed in contest

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Subject: Topband: CW Speed in contest
From: (ON4WW)
Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2001 20:09:02 +0000
I am one of those that don't agree.
>From my several years of experience around the equator, having to 
listen on just a transmit vertical through the constant static crashes, I 
really preferred the speedier transmissions. 
In between the heavy crashes, you can get the better part of a call 
from a speedier op, and from the slower op, perhaps you will get the 
same letter over and over again, if you're unlucky.
As someone else here said too, it is by listening to those fast guys that
I learned to improve my cw speed.
73 - Mark (9x4ww-el2ww)

----- Original Message ----- > Howdy!
> Well, I have gotten a fair number of replies.  Some of these from
> DX (to the USA).  Most agree that with static crashes and other
> QRN, and QRM on the band, that high speed makes for hard copy. 
> Heck, several letters or words might go by in one heavy crash.

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