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Topband: Manually Switching in Extra Antenna Length

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Subject: Topband: Manually Switching in Extra Antenna Length
From: (Donald Chester)
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2002 04:58:09 +0000
> > I plan on running the control wire up through the center of
> > the vertical and it will peek out at the very top of the
> > tubing and connect to the operating coil of the vacuum
> > relay.  In addition, I will be using decoupling methods to
> > inhibit RF from coming down the control wire into the shack.

One possibility might be to use a mechanical knife switch at the top of the 
mast, and use two control lines made of some non-conductive material that 
does not stretch, connected to a rocker arm mechanism.  That would eliminate 
many of the problems with electrical control lines and relays, but of course 
it might not work during an ice storm. I got the idea from manual switches I 
have seen on a.c. power line utility poles.  The manual control lever is 
just high enough up the pole that a person can't reach it without a ladder 
or climbing gear.  The switch isn't even enclosed against the elements.  I 
haven't tried to actually build one, but wonder if anyone has had any 

73, Don K4KYV

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