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Topband: New 160m array going up at KC1XX

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Subject: Topband: New 160m array going up at KC1XX
From: (John Kaufmann)
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 22:26:40 -0400
Fellow TopBanders,

For a quick preview of the new 160m array that's now being installed at
KC1XX (Mason, NH), go to:

The system consists of 3 inline verticals (Rohn 25 plus aluminum tubing whip
extensions on top), spaced 112 feet.  The array, which I designed, will be
switchable between 2 endfire directions and a bidirectional broadside mode.
The endfire configuration will operate as a parasitic array with modeled
gain of about 5.5 dB, essentially the same as a 4-square.  Why not a phased
array?  The parasitic array is much easier to get working with this somewhat
unconventional layout and has about the same gain.  Broadside gain is 3 dB.
Each element will have 2 elevated radials at an average height of about 30
feet.  There will also be a very extensive ground screen, covering 2-1/2
acres, underneath the array.  According to the modeling, the screen improves
the gain by nearly 3 dB over poor ground.

Current status:  the towers are obviously up.  We are in the process of
laying down the ground screen, which is nasty work in thick woods.  The feed
and switching systems are yet to go in.  We expect it to be up and running
by the fall.

73, John W1FV (one of the KC1XX gang)

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