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Fw: Topband: Rules of 2002 South Pacific 160 contest

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Subject: Fw: Topband: Rules of 2002 South Pacific 160 contest
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Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 18:54:24 -0700
In addition to the following rules sent by Steve, VK6VZ for the Pacific
160 Metres Contest, I found the following on the ARRL Web site for the
same contest:

"To avoid QRM between modes stations are asked to operate in 15 minute
blocks--CW on the hour and hour + 30 minutes; SSB on the hour + 15
minutes and hour + 45 minutes. "

73, de Earl, K6SE
from Ian Godsil VK3VP, Contest Manager
Saturday, 20 July, 2002   0700 - 2300 UTC

Object:   P2, ZL and VK stations to make as many contacts as possible on
160 metres.  DX stations are encouraged to participate, but may only work
P2, ZL or VK.

Categories:        Single Operator;  Multi-operator;   SWL
Sections:        CW only;   SSB only;    MIXED
Frequencies:        CW:        1810 - 1840 kHz
                        SSB:        1843 - 1875 kHz
(Note:  Guard band 1840 - 1843 kHz.  Contacts not permitted)
Exchange:        RS(T) plus serial number beginning at 001.
Score:        For P2, ZL, VK -
                One point for QSO with own call area;
                two points for other call areas in ZL or VK;
                three points for Pacific Islands (ZK1, VK9)

                For Pacific Islands -
                one point for QSO with own call area;
                three points for P2, ZL, VK;
                five points for QSOs outside P2, ZL, VK.

                For stations outside P2, ZL, VK or Pacific Islands -
                five points per QSO.

Multiplier:        For P2, ZL, VK - 
total number of VK, ZL and P2 call areas worked, plus OTHER DXCC
For stations outside P2, ZL, VK -
total number of P2, ZL and VK call areas worked.
Final Score:        Total QSO points times total multipliers.
Certificates:        to top scorers in each mode, call area of ZL and VK
and in
each DXCC country.
Logs:                Please show full QSO details of call worked; mode;
time UTC; exchange.  Include Summary Sheet showing operator's callsign;
name; mailing address; category and section entered; points claimed  and
a signed Declaration.  Logs submitted electronically need only show
operator's name in lieu of
signature, but must show all other information.

Send Logs:

1. By mail to -
                Ian Godsil  VK3VP,
                363 Nepean Highway,
                CHELSEA,        3196,

2.  By e-mail in ASCII/Cabrillo format to:
by 16 August,  2002

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