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Topband: salt the ground?

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Subject: Topband: salt the ground?
From: (John Vickers)
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 19:07:31 -0400
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From: Kent Miller

>According to the ARRL Antenna Book,  6 th edition, published 1954 ----
>" the circular trench ( surrounding the ground rod ) is filled with rock
>salt, magnesium sulfate, or copper sulfate, put in dry and then flooded
>with water. The chemicals increase the conductivity of the ground and
>thus reduce the losses from current flow. "

As a 9 yr old SWL in 1959, I watered my salted ground rod every afternoon
when I arived home from school. Sure helped the old Philco receive the
Chicago PD down near 160 mtrs, way down here in Dixie. I thought !! :>)

Try it--- on this band you need all the tricks you can pull out'a your hat.
73, John WA4TT

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