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Topband: salt the ground?

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Subject: Topband: salt the ground?
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Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 18:49:19 -0400
On 16 Jul 2002 at 17:18, Howard Klein wrote:
> Received a surprising number of replies, some privately. They ranged
> from the sarcastic to the helpful and one or two have actually tried
> this with anecdotally reported success. I neglected to say this tower
> in in the middle of a 5 acre field whose vegetation has no interest to
> me since it is far enough from the house and the horses have left
> home.  My major concern would be metal corrosion to the system if
> there is physical contact. There were more votes from individuals who
> suggested that I go for it. If I do I will report back with my
> impressions. Thanks for the ideas and the smiles.
> Howard M. Klein, K2HK
There are countless well-documented examples in history
where the majority was clearly shown later to have been
totally wrong. Just for one example, there was Galileo with
his absurd notion that the earth was not the center of the
universe. Everyone 'knew' he was crazy. He was right.

With the possible exception of salting a *buried* circular
trench around (but not touching) a metal ground rod, and
then watering it well, I continue to believe that salting the
ground is quite unproductive and an insult to the earth.
It may be an environmental crime as well, either in some
local jurisdictions or in the US as a whole.

For improved lowband antenna performance, a wire radial
field is vastly superior to 'salted ground'. For removing
vegetation, a spray herbicide is about as effective and way
more environmentally responsible. Let your conscience
be your guide...    73, David K3KY

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