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Topband: Flattop "T" vs. Horizontal Loop

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Subject: Topband: Flattop "T" vs. Horizontal Loop
From: (Les Rayburn)
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 05:22:36 -0500
Thanks to all for the good advice that has been given, both
on and off list. From the bulk of the letters it seems clear
that staying with the flattop "T" vertical for TX antenna
is the clear choice.

The issue of receive antennas is a bit muddy...some have
advised trying loops, shielded loops, K9AY's, EWE's,
flags, etc.

Let me give some more information and see if I can clear this

Back yard is limited to about 70 feet by 60 feet, with most of
my noise pickup coming from "near field" sources. Currently,
the most distant corner seems to offer the best "site" for
noise reduction, and that area would be limited to about 30
feet by 30 feet.


Les Rayburn, N1LF

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