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Topband: Gamma matching crank-up tower

To: <>
Subject: Topband: Gamma matching crank-up tower
From: (VE6WZ)
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 13:59:41 -0400
I have the same tower here. Force 12 C-3ss at 90' and a 2 el short boom
inductor loaded 80m\40m Yagi at 100'.
I drop the shut wire from the top of the third section up from the bottom.
(I just hose-clamped a 3.5'  piece of  1" aluminum tubing to the rungs).  A
large air variable from an old HF amplifier as the gamma cap has had no
arcing problems at a KW.
1:1 match at 1835 with good bandwidth.

gl, de steve VE6WZ

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