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Topband: Gamma matching crank-up tower

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Subject: Topband: Gamma matching crank-up tower
From: (jbattin)
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 18:17:45 -0500
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Subject: Re: Topband: Gamma matching crank-up tower

> Earl says:
> > The first thing you must do is run all of the existing antenna coax
> > cables and rotor cable down all the way to the ground INSIDE the tower,
> > otherwise the structure will not work well as a 160m vertical.  Cables
> > that leave the tower at some height above ground really screw things up.
> Why does it screw things up ??
> I am curious, since running the cables inside my tower is not an option
> since the tower is kept down when I'm not will go up and down
> times a week.
> Just working DX with an antenna is not proof that it is working as well as
> it could, but my cables just hang from the top and it seems to play well
> enough....I seem to be able to work most DX I can copy.  Been working for
> years.  What is the thesis here ??
> de steve VE6WZ.
> To have the wires inside the tower is good but not absolutely necessary.
What you want is for the wires to assume the same potential as the tower,
and that is obtained with coupling as tight as possible. Put them as close
to the tower as you can.
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