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Topband: QRSS on 160m

To: <>
Subject: Topband: QRSS on 160m
From: (by way of Bill Tippett <>)
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 05:50:31 -0500
I have been using ARGO for QRSS receive and ON7YD's QRS317 for transmit the 
past few weeks.  I am able to run QRSS on 160M next week if anyone wants to.  
Right now, I have my LOWfer "CO" beacon on about 185.591 KHz running QRSS30 
(30 second dots).  By request, I can put my 1674.65 KHz MEDfer on the air.  
It uses the same small vertical that I used for the QRPp 160M tests in 
Septemeber and October.  I think that QRSS contacts on 160M, if the mode 
becomes popular, which I doubt, should not count as regular CW for awards.  
Perhaps it should be counted as a digital contact or have it's own category. 
I suggest that QRSS (contacts, NOT beacons) be run on the bottom 5 KHZ of 
160M. Perhaps the top 5 KHz of the band would be an even better idea. Since 
QRSS stations need only be a few Hz apart for QRSS, many dozens of staions 
could run simultaneously in a 5 KHz portion of the band. I think QRSS will be 
very popular on our new 136-137 KHz band (this spring?) when we finally are 
authorized to use it.
Doug W0AH

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