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Topband: IC-756pro2 A/B Test Results

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Subject: Topband: IC-756pro2 A/B Test Results
From: w8ji at (Tom Rauch)
Date: Thu Aug 14 06:49:04 2003
Earl is certainly an experienced operator and a great asset to 160. I'm not
implying Earl's tests are meaningless, but they cover just one operating
condition for one type of listener. Quite frankly, I wouldn't use some of
the radios that appear high on Earl's list if they were sitting on my desk.
I'd tote them out to the storage barn, or part them out and use the cabinets
to build something useful.

> It seems to follow that if a "detectable" CW signal was a tad stronger
> that it would be more likely to be "copyable" on receiver #1 than on
> receiver #2.

Except detectability doesn't mean readability when it is an off and on
signal keyed at a rapid rate. Ringing during the rise and fall does not
enter, so it is likely a matter purely related to bandwidth.

One major issue on low bands during thunderstorm season is AGC and the
ability of a receiver to reproduce weak signals without adding unnecessary
artifacts to the already destructive noise from static crashes that are
hundreds of times noisier than signals.

Those two issues can make any two receivers switch places under steady
carrier test and operating conditions.

73 Tom

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