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Re: Topband: dx window and HNY TO ALL

Subject: Re: Topband: dx window and HNY TO ALL
From: Earl W Cunningham <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2004 14:41:20 -0800
List-post: <>
Randy, W6OAR wrote:

"K6SE wrote JA window from 1810-1825

Earl : I did not know this was window not to call cq in. I though it was
the Ja band plan like the one they  have in 1.9 part on the band..They
use to call and tune down in 1.8  . I use to work them that way a few
years ago."
I wrote that comment because W4ZV sounded like he was proposing a DX
window for JAs from 1810-1825.  That's what sounded so rediculous.

My concept of the window is that it's a place where you can hear
ultra-weak DX signals without strong NA signals nearby in frequency
causing interference.

"Earl: Time are changing we have to change with it or be left behind."
I don't disagree.  With the improvements in receivers over the years
(narrow DSP IF filters, better BDR and IMD3 figures, etc.) there might
not be a need for a DX window if nobody had key clicks (does anybody know
of a receiver that filters out clicks?).

73, HNY de Earl, K6SE
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