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Topband: K2GNC is alive and well

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Subject: Topband: K2GNC is alive and well
From: "John Kaufmann" <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 20:35:41 -0400
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Many of you will recall my post a few months ago about the first contacts
from the US East Coast to JA on 160.  I mentioned there that Bill, K2GNC, on
Long Island was the first W1/W2/W3 station to do it in 1981.  A few days ago
I got an e-mail out of the blue from Bill's grandson, who had discovered
that post from a Google search on his grandfather's call.  He put me in
touch with Bill, who sent me the e-mail below.

When I briefed him on what's happening on 160 these days, he was astonished
to learn about the DX activity now and that the top DXCC totals are over
300!  He also told me to pass along his info in case some of you are
interested in getting in touch with him.  (Note:  I just got a followup
e-mail from him, saying his wife had just passed away, so he may be slow to

73, John W1FV

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Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2004 5:54 PM
Subject: K2GNC on 160

Hi to you ---this is bill-- k2gnc

I just am reading your notice on google about 160 after hearing from my
grandson Brett that you mentioned me there (he is pictured in my HR Mag
article on the k2gnc Giza beam)

Yes---I am still around at 87 and in good health due to the miles of
radials I buried and the Beverage ants I strung up for 160 DX ---also the
irrigation verticals I made and phased for the band

I left LI in '86 and moved here to TN near Nashville (in Springffield)
but never got on 160 again as I got into pastel painting, showing and
selling (even to a Jap---hi) I no longer do that either as my time is
taken up pretty well with Bible study and the ministry. PLUS at the
moment my xyl lies next to me with only a week or so to go with
Alzheimers. So I'm now a 24/7 caretaker

My ant here is an 80m fundamental, so no 160 at the moment.  I work SSB
--3853- 5 to 6AM cst and 7242.5--6 to 7 most mornings with a JW text

As things go, I may get back on the low band some day if I can get some
irrigation pipe I see in a farmer's yard nearby but you can see that my
interests are still greatly varied. I made a living as inventor in field
of photo business machines

Anyhow---just thought I,d say hello and get back on the web site to see
other info there about the ole days on 160

wud like to hear fm u----73---bill pfaff---5417 Courtland, Springfield TN

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